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The functionality will be similar to that for back-compatibility with Xbox 360 games. Users insert the Xbox game disc into their Xbox One console to install the compatible version of the game. While players will not be able to access any old game saves or connect to Xbox Live on these titles, system link functions will remain available.

Frequently Asked Questions | HughesNet® You will need to refer to your gaming system owner’s manual to determine which services are supported with your particular console. In addition, these are often subscription-based services that require you to have an account or monthly subscription package directly with that video or music service provider.

Playing System Link games over the Internet. You can use any of the programs below to play LAN games over the internet with your Xbox and Xbox 360. Some college networks block your connection when you try to use these programs though. X Link Kai. XLink is a new way to play Xbox 360, Xbox, PS2, and Game Cube system link games over the internet.

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