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NHL “Lights the Lamp” on the PS3 – PlayStation.Blog Nov 10, 2010 NHL Gamecenter Blackout workaround Question : cordcutters NHL Gamecenter Blackout workaround Question. Close. 22. Posted by 4 years ago. Not only will using PIA (or AFT) get you to where you don't have blackouts but you can also subscribe from a cheaper country. If I remember correctly NHL charges $150 for US customers but only $100 for international customers. The internationalness is determined NHL GameCenter Live - Microsoft® Community

I have been through tech at both NHL and Apple and they both are telling me its a router setting..Thanks for the help my router is the e 4200 To use GameCenter on a restricted Wi-Fi network, port forwarding must be enabled for ports 443 (TCP), 3478-3497 (UDP), 4398 (UDP), 5223 (TCP), 16384-16387 (UDP), and 16393-16472 (UDP).

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Does anyone subscribe to NHL GameCenter to watch games