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How to Permanently Delete History and Cache on iPhone/iPad Tap on the more icon (three dots) > History > Clear Browsing Data. Check Browsing history and other items you want to delete. Tap Clear Browsing Data, then tap Clear Browsing Data again to confirm. Tap Done. 3.How to Delete Call History on iPhone. Apart from browsing history, it is also important to delete call history on iPhone periodically to How to View Private Browsing History on iPhone – the Sep 04, 2018 How to Delete Browsing history from iPhone 7/6S/6/5S There are 4 data easing modes available, which you can see from the sidebar. Here your main objective is to clear browser history and caches. so 'Erase Private Data' is the one we should select. Step 4 Start Deleting Browsing History from iPhone. Click 'Scan' button and the program starts to scan all browsing history and caches on the iPhone.

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You need to clear iPhone 5 clean to delete all private data before selling or donating your iPhone 5. Clearing iPhone data is also necessary when you want to free storage space. Using the features on your phone to delete data, clear browsing history, and restore … Delete Browsing History on iPhone and Clear Cookies: - A

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Need to clear browsing history on iPhone or iPad? There are two options in iOS to clear your browsing history. First is to the clear option in the bookmark tab of Safari, The second option is using the general setting and the safari option which gives you clear browsing history and cookies. How to Clear History on iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus for Oct 26, 2018 How To Clear Safari History On Iphone 5 - The Best Picture Apr 09, 2020 8 Methods to Clear History on iPhone (A Complete Guide)