Automatically uninstall iMac Update with MacRemover (recommended): No doubt that uninstalling programs in Mac system has been much simpler than in Windows system. But it still may seem a little tedious and time-consuming for those OS X beginners to manually remove iMac Update and totally clean out all its remnants.

How to delete apps on your Mac - Apple Support 2019-12-6 · Launchpad offers a convenient way to delete apps that were downloaded from the App Store.. To open Launchpad, click it in the Dock or open it from your Applications folder. You can also pinch closed with your thumb and three fingers on your trackpad.; If you don't see the app in Launchpad, type its name in the search field at the top of the screen. How to Uninstall Zoom on MacOS - 2020-5-5 · Select Uninstall Zoom. Choose OK to confirm your choice and uninstall the app. All the accompanying files related to the app will also be deleted from your computer. You can also try deleting the app this way: Choose Finder from the Dock. From the menu on the left, select Applications. How To Safely Uninstall X3watch Software on Mac - MiniCreo 2020-2-4 · produces anti-porn specialized web-surfing monitoring software called X3watch. The software maintains a log of questionable websites that a user accesses based on content type, and then sends a report to an "accountability partner". Such software can be useful for individuals trying to avoid porn use (How To Uninstall MacKeeper).

How to Uninstall Applications on a Mac: Everything You

Removing software applications from a Macintosh computer is much simpler than removing them from a Windows PC. When Windows installs a program, it places bits and pieces of code throughout the registry in a process so complicated that to undo it, each program needs its own uninstaller. R 0 1 . 0 1 . 0 0 p r o v i d e s n e w fe a tu r e s a n d c a p a b i l i ti e s l i s te d b e l o w : 1 . S ca n - ra d i o st a y o n a ch a n n e l i s a b l e t o sca n f o r o t h e r P u b l i c g ro u p s

How to Uninstall Apps on a Mac and Free Up Space on Your

Done! How to Uninstall iTunes on Mac Completely But when a reset doesn’t fix the issue, sometimes we need to uninstall iTunes on Mac completely. Uninstalling iTunes isn’t always as easy as sending it to the trash bin. Instead, several components need to be uninstalled, and in the proper order. Today we’ll talk about how to uninstall iTunes on Mac properly.